Weekly Meal Plan

I usually try to plan our meals on a weekly basis, coming up with foods that use things that are on sale that particular week. This month, I’m trying something different.

I planned meals for the entire month.

I had quite a few different goals for our food for this month:

  • I wanted more structure.  We now have Asian Sundays, Crockpot Mondays, New Food Tuesdays, Leftover Wednesdays, Pantry Challenge Thursdays, Out to Eat Fridays, and Wild Card Saturdays.  It made it so much easier to plan when I knew what categories our food needed to fit into!  And these days may end up changing, but for now, these themes fit our tastes.
  • I wanted to make more food from scratch.  When I plan menus this far in advance, I know what to expect, so I have time to plan ahead.  We’re trying to get away from the boxed mixes.  Daniel hates how salty they are and lower sodium is definitely a win!
  • I wanted to try new things.  I have Pinterest boards, bookmarks, magazines, and cookbooks full of recipes I want to try, but never actually make.  I incorporated so many new recipes into this month that I went straight back to Pinterest to find more!
  • I wanted to use more of my kitchen appliances.  Just this first week of the new meal plan, I’ve used my breadmaker (a LOT), Crockpot, electric griddle, indoor grill, and of course the oven and stove top.  I love actually using what we have!
  • I want to pare down our pantry.  I am constantly buying things that intrigue me and then they just sit in my pantry taking up space.  Our pantry is packed and it doesn’t need to be!  
  • I want to take control of our food budget.  Planned meals mean less spur of the moment purchases, meaning a smaller grocery bill.  
  • I want to save time.  I’m going back to work tomorrow and Daniel starts pharmacy school next week and I need things ready to go. With this plan, I have one big shopping trip a month where I buy all meat (if it’s on sale and I freeze it until I need it), cheese, canned, and boxed goods.  That means, I only have to buy fresh produce, milk, eggs, and replenish any staples that are getting low.  That means our weekly shopping trips are quick & painless and I have everything I need at my fingertips when dinnertime hits.

So, here’s this week’s meals!

Sunday – leftovers (Daniel didn’t get home until after midnight from his retreat, so I just ate what was around) 

MondayCrockpot Spaghetti Sauce with whole wheat thin spaghetti and bread machine wheat bread

Tuesdaycopycat IHOP pancakes (from Cookin’ Up North) with cheesy scrambled eggs and grilled ham

Wednesday – Daniel wanted to switch our out to eat night to tonight, so we went to one of the restaurants we had a Groupon for…and forgot to actually use the Groupon.  I’ll take another excuse to eat beer cheese soup and Bavarian pretzels again!  I did make Crockpot Applesauce (from Mommy Makes it Better) anyways – delicious!

Thursday – Burgers on homemade buns, Pasta Roni (trying to get it out of the pantry!), and baby carrots

Friday – Daniel made us fried chicken!

Saturday – Bread machine wheat dough and turkey pepperoni pizza – our first time using our pizza stone! 

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