Weekly Meal Plan

This was the first week that both Daniel and I were gone all day (him at school and me at work) and our diet this week reflects that!  I had a meal plan, but there were just…hiccups along the way.  One night, I was sure I had chicken in my freezer…and it turned out to be some frozen bread dough.  Another night, I completely spaced that we still had leftovers in the refrigerator.  Due to our busier schedule and my brain hiccups, we ate out a lot this week.  Not good, but it got us through.

I’m completely ready for this week, though!  Grocery shopping is done, I’ve looked at the meals for the week, and I’m prepared. 

Sunday – Sweet Corn Pasta (P.S. The Barilla giveaway ends tonight!)

Monday – Little Caesar’s Pizza. 

Tuesday – Butter Chicken (we use the the Tiger Tiger simmer sauce from World Market), brown rice, and Trader Joe’s Naan.  Daniel and I both love the simmer sauce and our good friend, Dawn, recommended we try TJ’s frozen naan – we’re so glad we did!  Super easy and tastes great!

Wednesday – Taco Bell.  Daniel’s favorite.  It happened to be the day that we found out he’d be gone a lot more of this semester (and beyond) than we’d originally thought, so I probably would have given him anything he wanted that day…which is why I also surprised him with a Dairy Queen Blizzard.  Spreading love one (or 10,000) calorie at a time. 

Thursday – Leftover Sweet Corn Pasta

Friday – Applebee’s. My favorite restaurant.  So comforting.

SaturdayRanch House Crockpot Pork Chops (from Picky Palate), stuffing, and vegetables

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