Sunday Catch-Up

So, seeing as I haven’t done a Saturday catch-up in over 3 weeks and the fact that I had over 700 pictures on my phone, a catch-up was direly needed. Even though it’s not Saturday. I know, I’m a rebel.

But, I’m really going to catch up now, so that next week’s will be a normal length again!

*deep breath*

So, in the past 3 weeks, I have…

Eaten maple donuts, seen tons of nasty little stink bugs in a big ol’ cactus, laughed as Daniel “helped” me with a project on my Silhouette, had my seat stolen every time I stood up by an impish black cat, posed by a super weird statue and watched Daniel do the same, memorized on of my favorite verses of all time, drank coffee at 5am in my “I don’t do mornings” moose pj shorts, helped Daniel coach soccer, made fun fake pharmacy labels for candy prescriptions for my sister’s nurse-themed party. 

Eaten Quinoa Greek Salad with Cracked Black Pepper Triscuits (may favorites!), experienced a guilt trip from a very unhappy cat who was upset with me for leaving him behind on my trip, stood in long airport lines, felt SNOW!, seen one of the coolest folders ever, felt cold for the first time in months standing outside of the Denver airport, loved the chilly Colorado morning I flew into, and enjoyed the beauty of an early morning airplane ride.  

Read through oodles of books with my dearest niece, Brianna, whilst lying on the floor, cuddled my favorite nephew, Caden, melted whenever I saw his big, gummy smile, played in a ball pit, fell in love with the drizzly, chilly Fall weather and leaves changing colors, ate caramel apple taffy, uproarously laughed while watching my brother-in-law swing Brianna under his legs, then up in the air, which hurt his back, meaning he needed a toddler-style back massage, and watched my parents, two of the most calming people on earth, soothe their 6-week-old grandson.

Listened to a shouting-into-cups conversation between Brianna and Stephen at the dinner table (“HIIII BRIANNA!!” “HIII DADDY!!!!”), cuddled the little man in his “cool like my auntie” onesie, listened to a beautiful song that Brianna wrote just for me (“Aunt Becky, I makin’ you a song”), seen the coolest kiddo in the land squeeze into the pink monkey sunglasses we bought her when she was an infant, watched the Lion King with an excited little girl gasping in excitement at the sight of all of the animals and yelling “LIOOON! RAAAAAWR!!!” while excitedly climbing up and sliding down her Papa’s legs, giggled while the toddler repeatedly hugged the dog because “Bay-yee yooks so sad”, and given the cute, i-Phone-loving, water baby toddler a bath.  

Taken tons and tons of pictures of my new nephew and couldn’t bring myself to delete any of them, so I just kept them all.  You’re welcome.

Made my dear mother pose next to my high school shower curtain, which she found and recycled as an extra layer to block the heat of the sun in their bedroom, made pretzel rod thermometers, filled candy prescription bottles, laughed as Brianna squealed with joy as she opened Marcia’s present for her while excitedly exclaiming, “it’s paper!”, devoured a delicious birthday dinner-in-a-pumpkin, whipped egg whites for coconut cupcakes, reveled in the warm, soothing, rhythmic breathing of a sleeping infant on my shoulder, dressed my dear nephew in an “I found this humerus” onesie for the nurse-themed birthday party, had my ear licked by a cuddly yellow lab, heard my oldest sister read stories to our beloved niece, went grocery shopping with the toddler and mistakenly said the girl from Brave was the girl from Tangled, resulting in a “You be wrong, Aunt Becky” every time we walked past the boxes, looked lovingly into Caden’s calming eyes, and witnessed Brianna taking each and every card, bill, and photo out of her mother’s wallet.

Loving every second of seeing this face sitting next to me, eating Halloween-themed dirt cake at birthday parties, holding this little man in my arms as much as possible, reading stories to a dear little one before nap time, having deep conversations with the man in the striped pajamas, and loving seeing my mother fall even more in love with her grandson. 

Staring at these two little ones as they drove me to the airport, holding my very favorite little hand before I said goodbye, eating Nutella Rice Krispy Treats that my amazing sister packed for me as an airport snack, baking White Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies, enjoying a delicious welcome home burger meal, seeing new babies at church, waking up to my cats bathing in our sink, cuddling bunnies at work (a perk of working in a school!), and catching Chance breaking into Daniel’s gift from his “Big” (a fraternity thing).

I found a box of Samoas that I had hidden from Daniel (which also proved effective on myself), went to the library with Daniel so he could study and he drew me the wackiest map I’ve ever seen so I could find my way to the cafeteria, had an audience while chopping chicken to make Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites for a fraternity event, devoured cheesy ham and potato casserole, appreciated that Daniel brought me home a donut (and a pink one, at that!), got a text from a Colorado friend who made the cutest cheesy quinoa critters that other day, and caught up on some Undercover Boss with the husband by my side…and a cat under the TV.  You know.


The end.


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