A VERY Exciting Weekend

Last Thursday as we were going to bed:
Daniel – “We should buy a house here.”
Becky – “Absolutely not.  We agreed on apartment living until you graduated from pharmacy school.  We’re moving to Colorado and buying our first home there. We just bought a ton of heavy furniture and I really don’t feel like moving it all.”

Daniel – “But I have a lot of guys from pharmacy school that would help us move…”

Becky – *blank stare*

Friday afternoon:

Becky – “So, I called my mom (AKA our financial adviser) and she said that looking into buying a house wasn’t a ridiculous idea.”

Daniel – “REALLY?!”  *drives us straight to Realtor’s office*

Met with our Realtor, Rudy, got some basic information, and got registered on his website to search through available properties, which I did all night while Daniel was at his fraternity initiation.


Daniel coached soccer.

I went to a women’s ministry leadership workshop.

He picked me up and we spent the afternoon looking for any and all houses for sale and unexpectedly dropping in on friends from church to see parts of the U of A game and tour their houses (thanks Tim & Jill!).

Babysat some kiddos for some friends.  House hunted the entire time the little ones were asleep.


Went out to look at houses with Rudy. Liked some homes.  Hated some others.

Got home and went online to search for more houses.  Immediately found one we loved.

Drove to the neighborhood, peeked around from the outside, and asked for a showing.


Rudy took us to see the house we loved, but we found a few unexpected flaws.  He decided to show us another house in the neighborhood that had just been put on the market that morning.  

We. Loved. It.

All of it.  

Made an appointment for later that night and made an offer.


Seller accepted our offer (YAY!).


We have a meeting with our financial guy and the house inspection schedule for this week.  If all goes according to plan, we could be in this house by the end of the month!

Packing has begun!


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    WOOHOO! So exciting!!! I LOVE that house!!! Can you buy me one? 😉

    Best wishes on everything going smoothly and getting moved! :) Now I will really have to come visit since you’ll have more room… 😉

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    I must add that I appreciate you taking our kids safety and fun into consideration by buying a house with a pool that is fenced. Now we can come visit. :)

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