10 Random Things

  • One of my favorite things about Arizona is that we don’t have daylight savings time.  I love a simplified life where I don’t have to worry about resetting clocks.
  • I am addicted to colored pens. My planner, my journal, and my notebooks are all color-coded and it makes me feel so organized.  And colorful.  I choose colors according to how I feel about things.  Red is work stuff, because it’s my least favorite thing to do (because red is an angry color unless it’s in the context of Christmas or the 4th of July).  Light blue is blog stuff, because it’s relaxing…you get the picture.


  • I’ve been trying to figure out a way to walk both dogs in a way that doesn’t leave my legs constantly tangled up in leashes and I finally found the answer!  Hold both leashes in one hand.  Such a simple, yet effective solution.  Boots kind of guides Roxy when I do it that way.  And now, thanks to Roxy’s foster mom, I’m walking them both hands-free!
  • I feel skinnier when I swim laps.  I think it’s because I stretch my body out and gliding through the water makes me feel weightless…or, at least, not as heavy.  It’s motivating.
  • My brother-in-law has lost 30 pounds so far this year from running and major diet changes.  Daniel’s lost 16 pounds so far this year.  The two of them now meet at the gym three times a week to power lift. They inspire me (to go to the gym, not to become a power lifter).


  • There are 3 things I can talk endlessly about: God, food, and puppies. And educational interpreting. And the psychology behind human behavior and emotions. Okay, apparently the list of things I cannot talk endlessly about is shorter.
  • That list includes: politics, history, and geography. *snore*
  • I wear moose socks to work almost every day.  Nobody’s ever noticed, but they brighten my work days.


  • I was going through pictures this week and found at least 10 folders of pictures of food that I’ve made and photographed, but neglected to write down the recipe for (this was a chocolate strawberry bread pudding).  Oops.  I should probably just delete them, but…deleting pictures is painful for me. Which probably explains why I currently have 20,777 pictures in my Lightroom gallery. *cringe*
  • Daniel and I will most likely be starting an Atkins-esque diet at the end of the week.  I’ll miss my beloved carbs, but it’s only temporary…and I can’t complain too much, because I love meat and am pretty excited for some of the low carb recipes I’ve found.

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